VMkernel Networking Layer | vSphere Networking

Note: The important things that need to remember about VMkernel! The VMkernel networking layer provides connectivity to hosts and handles the standard system traffic of vSphere vMotion, IP storage, Fault Tolerance, vSAN, and others. You can also create VMkernel adapters on the source and target vSphere Replication hosts to isolate the replication data traffic. TCP/IP Stacks at the VMkernel Level Default TCP/IP stack – Provides networking support for the management traffic between vCenter Server and ESXi hosts, and for system traffic such as vMotion, IP storage, Fault Tolerance, and so… Read More »VMkernel Networking Layer | vSphere Networking

Enable vSphere Storage I/O Control Datastores

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A few words about Storage I/O Control on datastores vSphere Storage I/O Control allows cluster-wide storage I/O prioritization, which allows better workload consolidation and helps reduce extra costs associated with over provisioning. When you enable Storage I/O Control on a datastore, ESXi begins to monitor the device latency that hosts observe when communicating with that datastore. When device latency exceeds a threshold, the datastore is considered to be congested and each virtual machine that accesses that datastore is allocated I/O resources in proportion to their shares. You set shares per virtual… Read More »Enable vSphere Storage I/O Control Datastores

Storage Types for vSphere

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What you should know about vSphere storage? Local and Networked storage –  local storage, named as DAS (direct attached disks) is directly attach to the host, but as design you have a limit of slots. Usually on VMware infrastructure the networked storage can be different types, but most importantly, can be shared and accessed by multiple hosts simultaneously. VMware supports virtualized shared storage, such as vSAN. vSAN transforms internal storage resources of your ESXi hosts into shared storage. Fibre Channel (FC) storage – FC SAN is a specialized high-speed network… Read More »Storage Types for vSphere

Virtual machine files in ESXi

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Each VM consists of several types of files usually stored on the host operating system. Here a list of files that make the machine running. You then have some additional files created after VM runs for a while.  A file called .hlog file is a log file that is used by vCenter Server to keep track of virtual machine files which must be removed after a certain operation a complete. Another file called .vmtx file is created when you convert a virtual machine to a template. The .vmtx file replaces… Read More »Virtual machine files in ESXi